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We also have posted worship services and devotionals on our YouTube channel so we can stay healthy together in sharing, caring and bearing God's love.  

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Pastor Henrik's video thoughts on our church's core values (Click Here)

Sonoma County is one of many incredible gifts of God to the world, reflecting unique geography and precious values that bring people from many "nations" together in worship of the living God:

  • Beauty - Sonoma opens up spectacular hues of nature, terrain and opportunity that invite artists, business people, tourists & retirees to enjoy a stimulating & renewing environment.  It is the beauty of God that makes this possible and renews our spirits...Psalms 27:4
  • Goodness - "Sonoma" is a global multi-billion dollar set of brands that reflect the rewards of finding abundant goodness in the land of the living.  Biblically, "goodness" refers to God's gracious generosity in providing for our needs and benefits...Psalms 23:6
  • Wisdom - Sonoma is populated with bright people who understand the value of taking care of the environment and themselves as a legacy to the next generations.  God invites us to reason together and to share in the gift of His son Jesus Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge...Colossians 2:3
  • Fruitfulness - Sonoma is blessed to have fertile land that generates incredible abundance of wines, fruits, and vegetables, as well as animal husbandry.  This is not by accident, but a blessing from God who causes people to flourish.  God is concerned to offer His fruitfulness in and through our lives, to bring us meaning, purpose and joy as we serve others in their success.  God's Gospel is bearing fruit in the whole world...Colossians 1:6