Sending Love To Global Children

In Jesus' Name

How does a small church generate big results? Our church works around the year to prepare gifts for children in shoeboxes.  Our hearts spill over with joy at the prospect of making children smile and laugh around the world.

The gifts include practical items and fun items for children who may never have known Christmas and may live in material poverty.  All sorts of care goes into every package.

In 2023, we had the honor of shipping out 395 shoeboxes. Over the years we have sent out probably thousands of shoeboxes!  This past  November 2023, we stacked them in the form of a Christmas tree in our sanctuary and prayed over them before they were shipped.  We focus on quality gifts and the total value including shipping often reaches $40 total per box.  We have no control over which country or which child will receive the shoebox, or when.  But we know that children over the world are excited to receive their gifts.

These boxes can change lives as young people and their families wonder about the generosity that they receive from far away strangers.  You can be part of this exciting ministry that brings a powerful blessing to those who gather supplies and provide resources to fill and ship the boxes. Come join our fellowship of making children happy with the love of God!