Quarterly Blood Donations with Vitalant

Jesus said that when we give a cup of water to drink in My name, we are a blessing and receive a blessing.  Mark 9:41.  

We are a church that loves and takes the people of our community of Sonoma seriously.  Our church has for several years been hosting blood donation events in partnership with Vitalant.  Vitalant is formerly the Blood Centers of the Pacific.  See http://www.vitalant.org

Since 2022, we have collected over 300 units of blood in order to help save lives at local Sonoma hospitals.  Every unit of precious blood can help up to 4 people.  

We are very proud of our efforts to help Vitalant reach their donation goals in order to make a practical difference in our community.  Our next blood donation events this new year are as follows:

Wednesday 3/20/24

Tuesday 6/25/24

Tuesday 9/17/24

Tuesday 11/12/24

Please find us on the Vitalant website and sign up for a time to make a practical difference that can change someone's world with life-saving blood.